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James Bassett: Chichén Itzá and the Contextual Mean

John Browder and Anna Erwin:  Toward a Life-Centered Ethics of Environmental Re-design

Hilary Bryon: Auguste Choisy’s Vitruve: Translation within a Graphic Transmission

Ralph Buehler: Bicycle Renaissance in North America

Anamaria Bukvic: Assessing Relocation Potential in Disaster-Affected Coastal Communities

Tanyel Bulbul: A Scenario Based Analysis of Critical Links between the Healthcare Facility Information and the Medical Information from a Patient Safety Perspective

Carol Burch-Brown and Dane Webster: The MFA Program in Creative Technologies

Chip Clark and Tim Frank: Early Assessment Methodologies in the Design of Dynamic Building Envelopes

Terry Clements: Taking it to the Streets

Meaghan Dee: Sensory Experiences in Typography

Patrick Doan: The Wall Section As Architectural Inhabitation Through Constructive Inquiry

Bob Dunay: Center for Design Research

Donna Dunay: Journey – For the Future: Women in Architecture from Japan and Beyond

Mary Beth Dunkenberger: Veterans and Broadband Access in Virginia: Implications for Healthcare Planning and Policy

Paul Emmons: The Idea of the User in Architectural Design

Michael Ermann: Do Children Achieve More in Quiet Schools?

Marcia Feuerstein: Theatrical Doubles : The Affecting Presence of Oskar Schlemmer’s Wall Designs

Christine Fiori: Learning From the Ancient Inka Engineers

David Goldsmith: Build LAB: Lessons in Innovation from Information Technology

Elizabeth Grant: Roofing Jujitsu:  A Low-Pressure Roof Vent System Combats High Winds

Nathan Heavers: Taking Stock: Foraging for Plants in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC

David Hill: Mountains of Influence: Early Landscape Architects in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Sonia Hirt: Home, Sweet Home: American Residential Zoning in Comparative Perspective

Josh Iorio: Supporting the Globalization of Architecture, Engineering and Construction through Tools for Virtualization

Aki Ishida and Ivica Ico Bukvic: Lantern Field: Attention and Deceleration Through Communal Making and Interaction

Brian Katen: Virginia’s Crooked Road and the Landscape of Bluegrass

Paul Kelsch, Nathan Heavers, & Susan Piedmont-Palladino: The Springsbury Institute at Casey Tree Farm

Mintai Kim: Who is Afraid of “Light”?

Holly Lesko: Healthy NRV: Stories of Empowerment and Community Health

Suzanne Lo: The New River Valley Livability Initiative: Community Health

Shelley Martin: Slicing the Apple: Spatial Prospects of the Photogram and the Still Life

Margarita McGrath: Covering Artschwager:  An Encomium on Woodness and the “Perceptual, Real, and Faux


Patrick Miller: The Greening of Cities International Research Workshop

Michelle Moseley-Christian: Rembrandt’s Outsiders

Annie Pearce and Brian Kleiner: The Safety and Health of Construction Workers on “Green” Projects: A Green Construction Rating System Analysis

Georg Reichard: Fume Hoods: Consumption of Energy on the Scale of Neighborhoods

Helene Renard: Studies in Felt: Structure, Form, and Light

Patrick Roberts: The Lessons of Civil Defense Federalism for the Homeland Security Era

Bert Rodriguez: Architect and Engineer: The Collaboration of Louis I Kahnand August E. Komendant

Jonathan Rugh: Charles Burchard: Architectural Education in the Historic Present

Mehdi Setareh: Development of the Web-Based Structure and Form Analysis System (SAFAS) for Architectural Education

Denise Simmons: Unbundling the Impact of Engineering Student Involvement Experiences on the Development of Professional Competencies

Max Stephenson & Lyusyena Kirakosyan: Exploring Theatre as a Tool for Building Social Peace and Justice

Max Stephenson & Laura Zanotti: International Aid Meets Local Power: Exploring Local Ownership in the Context of Extreme Poverty in a Rural Community in Haiti

Martha Sullivan: Experimental Kiln Building in Norway

Scott Tate: Creative Confinements and Contestations: The Role of Art and Culture in Enabling or Transcending Urban Boundaries and Divisions

Greg Tew: Design for Life Below the Median

Thomas Tucker: Puppy Motion Capture

Bailey Van Hook: Why so few Beaux-Arts Museum Murals in the United States?

Matt Wagner: Reclaiming Nature’s Metropolis

Joseph Wang: The Chop – the Ubiquitous User I.D. for Many

Dane Webster: The Orb of Awesomeness

Joe Wheeler: The Urban-Garden Prototype; Industrialized Net-Zero Energy Housing

Paola Zellner: Between the Pyramid and the Labyrinth: Exploring the Third Condition

Doug Zhao, Brian Kleiner, Andrew McCoy & Thomas Mills Research on Safety in Construction Supply Chain







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