“Why” – It’s the 64 quazillion dollar question..

Boy, I left today’s seminar session with my mind abuzz. I love the “why” question, and was reminded of its power… There’s a reason Toyota founded a TQM process with this as its basis. There’s a reason it’s the question I go to repeatedly in coaching, motivation, performance management and assorted other organization effectiveness interventions… It provokes our minds on a quest toward understanding.

There’s a reason. For everything, actually. Sometimes we don’t discover what it is. Sometimes we don’t arrive at an answer. If we do, there’s often little satisfaction in it because the process of getting there raised a dozen other questions we’re already more interested in.

I left today highly energized. Not because I had answers. Rather because I had gained insights, identified other questions, found synergy in shared interests with others… And reminded that this energy is what engages learners. Not answers, facts, data – but process, exploration, questioning. It is an empowering catalyst…