The limits of what we know – and how we can imagine

Well, I’m so sorry I missed the first content discussion in last week’s meeting…  I look forward to regrouping this week.

As we may think… I started reading this article thinking that while the author undoubtedly intended it to be timely, it came over as timeless.  At least until he got into talking about dry photography, microfilm, and other aged technologies which were undoubtedly just coming into their adolescence as he wrote.

In the end, the article left me pondering how what we know has tremendous capacity to limit our imagination, as we end up constrained in our thinking about how we might visualize existing technology continuing to evolve.  When indeed the greatest innovations come out of accidental discoveries, the birth of new technologies all together, or transitioning a technology from use in one field to another one (or vastly broadening the application).  It brings “thinking outside of the box” into an entirely new meaning… the box is always so limiting.  And even when we try to “think outside” of it, we still reference it – so the constraint is still there somewhere.

limitless bounds of exploration…

So how can we be thoughtful about innovating?  I think this gets back to the foundation of curiosity.  Always questioning – not based on what is there, what is known…  but in a truly unconstrained, wholly imaginative, fantastical fantasy-based hallucinogenic dreaming way.  And how many things in our day to day lives keep us from going “there”????