response to Jessica re: improv

I definitly see Jessica’s point regarding group activity and being abel to open up to people you are around. First of all, I think you do get better at reading expression and being able to tell whether someone is really engaged in what you’re saiyng or just completly lost. Furthermore, you get to know that person, and know what level of detail is appropriate when discussing something with them.

However, I will say there is a certain amount of practice that comes with being able to communicate science effectivly. I remember when I gave my first scientific presentation. I was nervous, stiff, no animation, lack of good explanations, etc. It was terrible. Fast forward to today, and presentations come pretty natural.

Obviously, what I just explained is really about developing presentation skills. But, isn’t that what you are doing when you are communicating science? To be a good presenter you have to feed off the audience, explain things clearly, answer questions appropriately, and use relevant figures and tables. Isn’t that what communicating science is all about?

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