Politics of higher ed

Now, I’m not much for political debate and, in fact, am probably the worst excuse for an American voter than you can get.  But, I found this article pretty interesting. http://campaignstops.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/04/01/the-politics-of-going-to-college/.

It’s interesting to see how political affiliation and voter support is so closely connected to higher education. For example:

“Jump to 2008. Even though those with college degrees made up 27.9 percent of the population that year, they cast 45 percent of the presidential vote. These voters register and go to the polls in substantially higher numbers than the less well educated.”

“The gains the Democrats made were concentrated in one major segment of the well-educated: professionals — salaried employees in schools and colleges, social workers, the arts, the natural and social sciences, knowledge/information workers, “symbol analysts,” “creatives” and so forth.”


So, should more presidential candidates be parading on college campuses?  I hope not, because I really do enjoy parking at least somewhat near campus.

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