Technology in the classroom

I’ve been reading more and more articles about inserting technology into the classroom.  The majority of these pieces concern the use of gadgets and gizmos in K-12 education, and how these devices help students becomes engaged in the material and learn better. But, is it just me, or is anyone else tired of seeing kids glued to gameboys constantly?  Shouldn’t we be trying to naturally engage students about learning, and have them learn for learning sake?  Not because spelling something correctly advances Mario to the next level?

Anyway, that’s more of a tangent because the real topic is how technology is starting to dictate how higher education is also run.  It’s not secret that many classes are now online, and that distance learning is now a selling feature of many schools.  But, do we really want to push that?  We keep saying how teachers needs to have a close bond with their students, but is that possible over the internet?  Furthermore, is the learning proses tarnished if students don’t have to attend class, take tradiational tests, etc. I have a feeling it does, yet we (society) keep pushing people into taking these classes.

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