Does school name mean something?

I remember applying for college and thinking that I really, really wanted to go to a school that had a great reputation. Thought I got into a few, I ended up settling on a college that is barely known within a 100-mile radius fo the campus, let alone nationally.

Reading this article brought back some of those memories.  The acceptance rate of ivy leauge school is lower than ever, and it can be attributed to more and more people want to go to a place that carries a lot of clout.  However, the article argues that the name of the intitution doesn’t matter, and that society need to get over its name recognition.

However, is that really true?  I think we can all attest to the fact that any school can be an excellet school, and it truly is what you make of it.  However, that’s not always way employers see.  If there were two applicants for a position, one Harvard the other po-dunk liberal arts, I’m pretty confident when I say the Harvard alum is going to get the position (or at least be considered more quicky).  

Is it possible to overturn that “stigma” of graduating from a unrecognizable school?

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