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GRAD 5104 for Fall 2013

Plea Bargains in Research?

ORI Case Summary: Andrew Aprikyan This article reports on the case of Dr. Andrew Aprikyan, of the University of Washington. There was found to be a “preponderance” of evidence that he engaged in research misconduct in research that was supported by the National Cancer Institute of Health, and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Dr. Aprikyan…

Mission statement – Virginia Tech Libraries and Auburn University Civil Engineers

Mission statements, in my mind, are an opportunity for an organization (whether for an entire university, a student group, or an academic department) to articulate what they hope to produce, what values they hold, and how they want to affect the world. I chose the to analyze the mission statements of the Civil Engineering department at Auburn University and the Libraries at Virginia…

Blogging Trials and Tribulations

So, this is a test post. I have already (or so I thought) posted my mission statement to the PFP13F blog. Is anyone else experiencing a drain on the level of caring about the blog due to these technical issues with posting? I realize that due to my generational background, I expect technology to work, work fast, and work all…