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Academic Integrity Spring 2014

AIP Final Project

Hello, fellow classmates and random internet followers. I have a question for you – what would YOU want to know about what the graduate students here at Virginia Tech know/understand about the Graduate Honor Code? We are currently working on our final project for our Academic Integrity and Plagiarism course which is a survey that we are designing for graduate…

Week 3: Falsification Case Study

I’m basing this initial analysis off of my gut level reaction instead of anything available in an honor code. I’m planning on coming back later after studying the honor code in more depth and adding an update. 1. I think that the committee should determine what the timeline of events is, and why the committee did not discover this on…

Thoughts on Self-Plagarism

Self-plagarism might be one of the trickiest things that an author can struggle with in academia. It seems much easier to remember to cite someone else’s work when writing an article than your own. It also seems easy to reuse the same words and phrases that have already been floating in your own head without realizing it. The definition of…

Copyright Information

Hi, all!   My research group has been mulling over the question of the self-plagarism issues recently, and sought out information from the university librarians on the subject. The following link (http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/copyright/cprtetd.html) shed some light on the situation for us, and I just wanted to pass it along to everyone else in the class as well!