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Posts related to CEE 5804: Engineering Ethics and the Public, Fall 2016

Let’s all put on the Sorting Hat….

Personally, I love these suckers. I’ve even written a previous post on the topic: Fortune Cookies and Academic Horoscopes.  One of the things people most often point out about the Myers-Briggs personality types is the inconsistency between taking it across time. For those of you who went and checked out my 2014 post, you might be surprised, given the class discussion,…

#Craption part 2: Confronting ethical issues related to classroom accessibility

In response to the book presentations, I made a post regarding the horrible captions on a video shared with the class. The lack of usable captions is of growing concern in higher education, especially as there are more lawsuits being brought against MOOCs (Massive, open, online courses) for providing inaccessible materials. These access lawsuits are being brought against institutions such…

ABET and “Don’t Lower the Bar”…what might follow?

In the wake of this week’s election results, I thought that I would share some background on the (proposed) changes to ABET, the engineering accreditation system. You know, that group that makes undergraduate degrees “worth” something. One of my committee members, Donna Riley, penned a post back in February against these changes. These changes that would continue to narrow the…