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So, last fall, I (and everyone else remotely related to the CEE department at Virginia Tech) was invited to apply to the Bridges, Builders, and Society course. With a REQUIRED summer trip….to Switzerland and Germany.


I’ll repeat that.


A REQUIRED. Trip. To Switzerland and Germany.


Guess who’s going to Europe! Easy answer – it’s me! And my classmates, and a few professors. This is such an amazing opportunity to learn about civil engineering in an actual context. I can’t wait to figure out how this will help my professional development. We are going to be traversing these two countries observing different types of bridges, built out of different materials. We’re going to different universities to learn about their research. WE’RE GOING TO EUROPE!


Truth be told, I have always wanted to go to Europe. I think this is part of why I focused on civil, instead of another flavor of engineering. Seriously. Think about all the amazing engineering developments and architectural marvels that you get with hundreds of years of built history all around you. My camera is getting sore just thinking about how many pictures I’ll take with it. Bridges. Dams. CASTLES!


I also recognize what a privilege it is that I can make this opportunity possible. I’m in the right place, at the right time, for this to be offered (and fit on my Plan of Study over in CEE). I have enough time to squeak out just enough money to get there. And hopefully back. Barring anything (at all) going wrong. I’m hopeful. I’m excited. And I need this feeling to stay alive and carry me through this semester, through packing, and onto the plane.

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