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#Craptions: Not all that funny

So, for those of us in class today, we all got a laugh at the horrible captions that are part of this video. Go ahead, I’ll wait why you watch the roughly three minute clip with the captions.


For those of you in the hearing community, this is EXACTLY why I advocate for universal design and accessibility. The mismatch between the audio and the captions is jarring. In class, there was laughter until the presenters TURNED OFF the captions, because they were distracting.


What if your only option to access this video was to turn on these captions? This doesn’t just apply for Deaf or hard of hearing individuals. What if your speakers are broken, but your screen still works? What if you are working in a quiet location, but forgot your headphones? These scenarios aren’t farfetched. These scenarios are the basis of why having multiple means of accessing the same material is important for EVERYONE, not just members of the Disability community.

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