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For those of you who may have seen the first images below as they’ve gone viral in the past week, I recommend you look further into what the title “Little Miss Flint” represents as well as Amariyanna Copeny’s message regarding the issues in Flint.

On left: Little Miss Flint (Amariyanna Copeny) is picked up and hugging President Obama in front of a blue background, with the American flag to their left and a flag with the presidential seal on their right. The right image depicts Little Miss Flint wearing a sash with her title and a tiara. She is looking slightly to the right of the camera while Donald Trump leans over her, holding her hand. His face is pulled into a smile, while her face is more ambiguous.

Different photo ops for Little Miss Flint

Ms. Copeny’s actions since these photos reached a wide audience demonstrate her commitment to her community. While many of us use social media such as Twitter or Instagram to document and profile our dinners (and yes, I too take pictures of my food), Little Miss Flint promotes awareness of the continued issues in Flint. You can follow her @LoveMeLuLu22


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