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There are some things floating out in the wake of the Isla Vista shooting that I feel like addressing with my own personal viewpoint, even though many others are currently sharing their own thoughts on the matter. While this is a departure from the typical material I cover in this blog, I would much rather be judged for what I say on this matter instead of my silence.


Here are some links to others’ views on the matter. While writing, I have had some ups and downs in the twitter-verse and have found that there are other voices that echo my concerns for what our world is and what we would like it to become.

Yes all men! from thesillyoldbear on tumblr

#YesAllWomen from Katey on wordpress

The Isla Vista Killings: A Men’s Issue from Jem Bloomfield on wordpress

Why I Don’t Want to Write About the Santa Barbara Shooting by Joanna Schroeder from The Good Men Project



I realize that a hashtag, by itself, does not change anything. But, then, neither does any speech or declaration. What changes the world is all the people standing behind those words and their belief, their hope, that things can change for the better.


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