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“The Lab”

As part of my Academic Integrity course, I had the opportunity to work my way through what amounted to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” movie, playing the role of a graduate student, a postdoc, a faculty member who leads a lab, and a research integrity officer. For those who have never had a chance to step back and consider what happens when issues of research misconduct are observed and reported, this multi-story video (located at http://ori.hhs.gov/thelab) is a pretty fascinating way to explore the topic from multiple vantage points.


As a current graduate student myself, I found I was able to envision myself within that role the easiest as a starting point, but I eventually worked my way through the entire set. I would highly encourage others to take the time and do the same; for those of you who have played the video game “Fable” you may recognize that there are easy “halo” or “horns” choices in many cases…others are not quite so clear.

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