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Lifelong Learning

Flipped classroom. Active learning. Anti-teaching. Let’s just come out with it, alright…as Sir Robinson pointed out in his TEDx Talk, kids stuck in classrooms doing clerical work for hours on end will be kids. But that ignores the fact that no one really wants to be stuck doing nothing but monotonous bubble-filling work when they grow up, either.

I think that one of the worst things we can do is stifle the creative spirit and innate curiosity in the manner that “teaching to the test” currently achieves. I know I loved learning and going to school and classes…until it started becoming something I needed to check off a list. I have a civil engineering bachelor’s degree, but my favorite classes were those outside my major, the ones I took just because I enjoyed them.


I agree that there are some skills and knowledge that everyone should have – the ability to read and take care of personal finances being at the top of the list. I don’t think learning needs to be about memorizing knowledge, but instead knowing how to seek it out and apply it. If I can’t remember who the 27th President of the United States was (Taft, btw) that’s not a failing of myself or the school system. If I ever need that information, I have the skills I need in order to find it.

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