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Fortune Cookies and Academic Horoscopes

Are there other people out there who just can’t resist taking different personality quizzes? I myself find them to be one of my favorite ways to procrastinate online while confirming I am, in fact, still myself. The consistency of my answers over time has become one of the ways I can check and make sure I have not yet been replaced by a pod person.


A common and highly recognized “personality test” is the Myers-Briggs assessment. Without fail, I always come up as INTJ.


According to iPersonic, I am an INDEPENDENT THINKERThis means that I am analytical, witty, self-confident, and most importantly (in my mind) self-aware. Most of the description sounds like a fortune cookie or a horoscope, but it is easy to find the lines that apply best to me, such as being an introverted, outwardly-reserved, voracious knowledge seeker with a complex train of thought.


This week, thanks to and only because of GEDI,  I added yet another two new tests to my repertoire…the Gallup poll thingamabop we apparently have free (as research subjects) access to via VT. My top five strengths are as follows, and I quote…

1. Deliberative (Executive) –

2. Input (Strategic Thinking) –

3. Strategic (Strategic Thinking)

4. Learner (Strategic Thinking)

5. Analytical (Strategic Thinking)


And, for the VIA strengths test, my top five were:

1. Creativity, ingenuity, and originality

2. Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness

3. Love of learning

4. Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness

5. Perspective (wisdom)




And on top of all that, I’m an Aries born in the year of the Dragon.



Update (3/23/2014):

I think it’s important to note all of the articles coming out about the divisions and labels that we give such pride of place in our lives. I think one of the reasons that I keep exploring new things and new topics is because I hated all the labels people ascribed to me (rightly or not) when I was a kid, and if I keep doing more things and being more me, they just have to keep adding to my personal iceberg. I might look like one thing on the surface, but there is a whole hell of a lot more underneath.






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