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Blogging’s Implications for Us All

Yesterday, the CHE published an article concerning the intersection of academic and social media. It contains a couple of bold tips to keep in mind when posting on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or blogging.


I thought that this needed to be shared due to how it touches on the communications we are all putting out onto the internet. The tips outlined are are sensible things that we should all strive to keep in mind, such as being respectful and not trying to incite others into taking offense at our online musings.


The author, Rob Jenkins,  also points out the need and desire to create a divide between the private and personal online. My blog is linked to my e-Portfolio (and vice versa) because I am using this platform to address topics of professional interest with a more personal voice. I’m not posting stories and pictures about my family or friends, and I don’t intend to in this setting.


Mr. Jenkins also uses a disclaimer with his posts that ensures that his posts are expressions of his thoughts and words, and not necessarily those of his employers. It seems paranoid, but I think it’s important to claim your work as your own while doing all you can to protect yourself online. I would urge everyone to at least consider the following major points (again, these are from the CHE article) and reading the article itself:

1. Watch what you say—and how and where you say it.

2. Draw clear boundaries between “official” and “personal.”

3. Use your own equipment—and time.

4. Organize, advocate, and resist.

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