Nanoparticles in A Soccer Ball?

We are currently in the midst of the largest international men’s soccer tournament: The 2014 FIFA World Cup.  I’ve been watching the matches from Glasgow and enjoying the electrifying atmosphere. Let’s go USA!!


There are lots of excellent statics regarding the game but I venture to ask:

How many nanoparticles can fit in a soccer ball?G73617_01-01

An official FIFA soccer ball must between 60 and 70cm in circumference.

The nanoparticles I’ve been using in my experiments are 40nm in diameter.

A few calculations in a simple volume per volume calculation excel and the number of nanoparticles in a soccer ball is on order of 1*1020 .

This number is unfathomable!!! This is more than a billion times larger than the number of humans on Earth.

So, how big would a ball be if it contained 1 nanoparticle for every person in the world?

The ball would have a radius the same size as a human hair! That’s some perspective.

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