A Quick Recap of TEDxVT

We had a great time at the TEDxVT lab!  We interacted with a broad swath of the community during the day and got some good feedback. It was a nice piggyback to the SNO conference but I wish we had a few more days in between the two events to recover.



Matt and I live tweeted the event and I used tweetdeck’s new feature to create summary of some of our live tweets.

Check them out here



Our booth included 2 hands-on demos to explain about nano. The “messy” demo showed the importance of surface area by comparing the reaction between soda and both iron fillings and rusty nails.  Imagine a cleaner version of the mentos/soda or anti-acid/soda rocket.  In the second demo we introduced a dilute salt to a solution of gold nanoparticles to induce aggregation.  Benny, a teddy bear toy, containing silver nanoparticles,  also helped to draw in many people.  You can find out more about Benny in the  updated Nanotechnology Consumer Product Inventory, a project spearheaded by our very own Marina Vance. 


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  1. And…. we had a video of a 3D TEM image of a naturally-occurring nanomineral, schwertmannite (a kind of iron oxide, or “rust”) that can be used to clean up toxic pollutants like arsenic from the drainage streams of old mining areas. To go with that, a vial of schwertmannite that we made in the lab. Don’t forget the natural nanoparticles! They are important too!!! 🙂

  2. Awesome job, folks! I wish I had been there. It sounds like you worked hard, facilitated some good interactions, and, most importantly, had fun! Science outreach is so important, and I’m happy to see so many VTSuN students valuing it. Everybody wins: The community gains knowledge, evidently, and the people providing the knowledge gain valuable public speaking experience.

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