Science – a partner worth sticking with in sickness and in health….



A thought-provoking piece on NPR about the hubris and humility of Science, and our complicated relationship with it – here’s an excerpt:

“Science, by its nature, involves enormous hubris: we try to make sense of the world from our limited observations. We expect that what we observe here and now will tell us something about what we haven’t observed and may never observe. Science is all about generalizations.

But science is also modest: it changes in light of new evidence. Science is willing to admit when it’s wrong. And it’s this combination that makes science such a powerful partner — one worth sticking with in sickness and in health.”
-Tania Lombrozo (Science: A Relationship You May Not Understand)


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2 thoughts on “Science – a partner worth sticking with in sickness and in health….

  1. The original text, by Tanya Lombroso is so powerful that I’d recommend it as required reading in any introductory science course. And this idea that science can be frustrating at time applies SO WELL to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

    We hope the data will tell us what we think it will, but about half the time, there are still so many unknowns about the properties of nanomaterials (and a lot of unproven high expectations of “nano-miracles”) that we don’t see what we are expecting. Tough nano-love.

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