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Externalities: through the Coase and Pig...

Externalities: through the Coase and Pigovian theories and their implications

In our class presentations on different topics pertaining to sustainability, my topic was externalities.  This presentation defines externalities and summarizes the main points of the Pigovian and Coase theorems and their implications for externalities.  It then briefly looks at the implications of dealing with externalities, as well as links with the Swiss government and their …

Switzerland: Where wine is cheaper than ...

Switzerland: Where wine is cheaper than water.

Nothing is more intimidating than coming to a foreign country. The locals give you unconscious, unwavering stares that immediately remind you you’re out of place, and the language barrier sort of makes your mind freeze and just HOPE that a person knows English.  I met up with another girl from the program three days before […]

Initial Impressions

Initial Impressions

Upon arrival at the Zurich airport I immediately noticed the orderly structure that contrasted sharply with the chaos of New York’s JFK Airport. The train shuttle to baggage claim greeted me with bucolic sounds reflecting the Swiss-German culture of the region. After … Continue reading

Historic Baptismal Pool at Riva San Vita...

Historic Baptismal Pool at Riva San Vitalle

Historic Baptismal Pool at Riva San Vitalle

Since this is my first trip to Europe, some of the experiences that i have enjoyed most are visiting sites from centuries past. I started my travels in Germany where I was able to view landmarks such as the university in Heidelberg, and the Neuschaunstein castle. For me it is particularly captivating to see the juxtaposition of old and new that is ever present in Europe. The village of Riva San Vitalle which I am staying at for my summer course is no exception. One of the most impressive buildings which we have visited in Riva is the Baptistery that is located close to the center of town. This site was originally constructed in the 5th century, by post Roman Empire Christians. In the picture you can see the pool which adults were baptized in. The large bowl on top is not the original pool, but was brought in several centuries after the building was constructed when the first pool began to leak. The original structure is below the new one, in the photo you can see the tile perimeter and beginning of the old pool (which remains intact).

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