Themify Theme update 01/09/2017

All Themify Themes have been updated. These updates are not part of the normal semi-weekly updates we perform, and have to be done entirely manually. As such, we only update these twice a year.

The themes updated includes:
Themify Flat
Themify Agency
Themify Basic
Themify Bizco
Themify Blogfolio
Themify Bloggie
Themify Bold
Themify Corporate
Themify Edmin
Themify Elegant
Themify Elemin
Themify Event
Themify Float
Themify Folo
Themify Fullpane
Themify Fullscreen
Themify Funki
Themify Grido
Themify infinite
Themify iTheme2
Themify Koi
Themify Landing
Themify Magazine
Themify Metro
Themify Minblr
Themify Music
Themify Newsy
Themify Notes
Themify Parallax
Themify Peak
Themify Photobox
Themify PhotoTouch
Themify Pinboard
Themify Postline
Themify Responz
Themify Rezo
Themify Sidepane
Themify Simfo
Themify Slide
Themify Split
Themify Stack
Themify Suco
Themify ThemeMin
Themify Tisa
Themify Ultra
Themify Wigi
Themify Wumblr

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