FAQ: How do I setup the Twitter Hashtag Feed Widget?


What steps do I take to get the Twitter Hashtag Feed Widget working?


  1. Activate the widget by clicking on Plugins and then click on the Activate link under the Twitter Hashtag Feed Widget.
  2. Click on Appearance
  3. Click on Widgets
  4. Drag the Twitter Hashtag Feed Widget to the appropriate Sidebar or Footer
  5. Give the widget a title
  6. Type in the hashtag you want it to search for
  7. Go to http://dev.twitter.com
  8. Sign in with your Twitter account
  9. Go to: https://dev.twitter.com/apps
  10. Click on Create a New Application
  11. Give your Application a name, description, and the URL of your blog site
  12. Agree to the Rules of the Road
  13. Follow the remaining instructions to get your Twitter Consumer Key, Twitter Consumer Secret, Twitter OAuth Access Token, Twitter OAuth Access Token Secret.

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