FAQ: Why are blog posts to a motherblog “pending approval”?


Students are reporting that their blog posts are not showing up on the CourseBlog because they are pending approval. When I go to the “Syndication->Posts & Links” settings for the CourseBlog, the setting “Publish syndicated posts immediately” is selected.


What’s happening is that students are posting to the motherblog directly instead of to their own blog sites. The syndication plugin automatically adds them to the motherblog site as contributors–that’s how FeedWordPress is able to republish the syndicated posts as if they were authored locally. Unfortunately, that also means that students are able to post directly to the motherblog in the role of “contributor,” which allows the post to be written but holds it in an approval queue until someone with a higher role (editor or administrator) approves the post.

It is easy to get confused and try to post to the blog where you’re reading everyone else’s post, no doubt because FeedWordPress makes it look as if the posts were authored locally. It’s a good thing that FeedWordPress does this, but sometimes it confuses people until they understand how syndication works.

The fix is simple: bloggers should post to their own blog sites, and then consult the motherblog to see everyone’s work. They should NOT post nor comment on other’s posts directly to the motherblog.

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