FAQ: How to I find/install plugins or themes?

WordPress is a highly customizable platform with a variety of themes and plugins to add appearances or functionality not available in the standard installation. Users who would like plugins or themes added to Virginia Tech’s campus-wide WordPress installation (blogs.lt.vt.edu) should submit a ticket to www.4Help.vt.edu with information about the plugins or themes and an installation link from the www.WordPress.org website.  Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies(TLOS) will evaluate the request to make sure these additions are compatible with our instance of WordPress and do not pose any security or other risks. If the request is approved, we will notify you once the additions are installed and available for use.

At this time, VT does not offer custom development support beyond what’s available online from the larger WordPress development community. WordPress is mostly a self service application. Virginia Tech does offer system support to keep the system up and running and we can evaluate and add requested plug-ins and themes. We do, however, provide materials to get users up and running with basic and advanced configurations that can be found on the Documentation section of this Blog.

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