Madeleine Kahle- Final Project Review

This past week I have been working on my final project for this class. I have t day that this assignment for the class has been my favorite, particularly the part where I studied the history of my chosen region, Blacksburg, Virginia. I grew up part of my life in Christiansburg, Virginia and was able to visit Blacksburg regularly. Certain facts like the background on the Town logo and the certain landmarks that made the boarders of the original town is extremely interesting to me. I do wish that I could have done a little more with the Map It Out part of the project. Looking back now I would have added water ways to my map of Blacksburg so that I can see why some of the original buildings of the town were built where they were. The main building I think of is Solitude, the oldest building on Tech campus, it is built next to Stroubles Creek. Doing a project like this makes me realize more and more why I want to live in or near the Blacksburg area for the rest of my life. Living in a nice area that has good weather and being around positive rooted people in the community makes one extremely happy with life and want that to continue through the rest of it.

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