A Wytheville of the Past, A Wytheville of the Future.-Final Project, Avery Blankenship.

The following .pdf file contains my final project for my Intro to Appalachian Studies class at Virginia Tech. This is a study of Wytheville’s history, culture, past challenges and those of the present and future. It was submitted in this manner due to formatting issues not allowing my project to work properly in the blog’s post format. I hope that you are able to view , critique, enjoy, and even learn from it regardless of this difference form other projects here on the blog.

A Wytheville of the Past, A Wytheville of the Future

Author comment: I would also like to mention that another casualty of formatting issues were the videos I had taken for this project, sadly they would not work due to the frame rate of the camera I had taken them with, among other issues (wind overwhelmed the sound at various points in many videos, despite my efforts, so I could not be heard talking), thus I have instead used many images borrowed from public websites or family ,along with one youtube video ,and my own pictures taken while exploring and researching the town.

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