Justin’s Journey through the Chinese Coal Mines

Personal Reflection of Journey to the End of Coal

Of the content required and optional for this week’s work, I found that the Journey to the End of Coal web documentary was the most interesting. At first I was skeptical of how effective it would be, but it turned out to do a great job in educating about the Chinese coal mines. The pictures and the subtle video clips really showed the grieve and misery of the Chinese coal miners. The gloomy pictures and conversations really made me understand how terrible the miners were treated and how awful the living conditions were for them. The one scene where you are inside the coal miners house with his wife and kids in the slums was very surreal. You were able to see how truly little the families there had.

The creators of the Web Documentary also seemed to really stress the danger and corruptness of the coal mines, which was something I never knew about the coal mines in China. It talked about how there were accidents daily, over killing up to 15 workers at a time. It also discussed the corruption between the police and miner owners. The mine owners would open up mines after they had just recently collapsed, even making workers work during nightfall to avoid “inspectors” from the state.

Overall, this Web Documentary was a great way to really involved and feel the history of the Chinese coal mines. Being able to choose your own journey through the map was a very cool thing that led you to believe that you were actually making the journey through China yourself! The corruption and brainwashing by the mining owners on some of the citizens was very eye opening to me. The interactive approach of learning through the Web Documentary was very helpful and engaged me a lot more in the content.

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