Undergraduate Research Fellows

Studio STEM is working with two undergraduate researchers to help keep us moving! Our researchers will be with us through the 2013-14 academic year and took the time to blog each week about their experience as they help us improve Studio STEM over the 2013 summer! Check out their blogs about their summer experience with us!

Donna Maddox


Donna Maddox is a chemical engineer, who aspires to teach in a technical field. In her spare time, Donna enjoys relaxing with friends and family and is active within her church. Donna also conducts research in the biochemistry department and is looking forward to learning more about the education process and how it continues to change.


Megan Lopez


Megan Lopez is a psychology major and a biology minor. In her spare time, Megan watches TED Talks and will openly admit she’s obsessed. Megan hikes (not while watching TED Talks) and coaches swimmers in the area. Megan would like to learn more about STEM and the implications it has in different learning environments.