Meet Our Team

Dr. Michael Evans

Michael A. Evans, LST

Dr. Michael A. Evans is an associate professor of education specializing in Instructional Design and Technology at Virginia Tech.  Dr. Evans’ research interests include collaborative, co-located problem-solving, social media use in informal learning environments, and instructional multimedia for interactive surfaces.

Dr. Brett Jones

Brett Jones, Associate Professor School of Education

Brett D. Jones, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology in the Learning Sciences and Technologies Department at Virginia Tech. His research includes investigating how students’ beliefs impact their motivation and examining methods instructors can use to design instructional environments that support students’ motivation and learning. He developed the MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation to help instructors understand how to design courses that will engage students in learning.

Dr. Christine Schnittka

Dr. Christine Schnittka is an assistant professor in the College of Education and the Department of Curriculum and Teaching with a joint appointment in the College of Engineering at Auburn University. Her current research involves developing and evaluating engineering design-based curriculum units that target key science concepts and environmental issues through the contextual lens of problem-based learning.

Dr. Tiffany Drape

Dr. Tiffany Drape is the Project Associate for Studio STEM at Virginia Tech. Her work involves the oversight and management of Studio STEM. Her research is in technology integration and engagement in students and teachers in educational settings.


Samantha Won

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Samantha is a doctoral student and graduate research assistant concentrating in Instructional Design and Technology. Her MS and BS are in Animal and Poultry Sciences, also received from Virginia Tech. Samantha’s current research interests include the use of social media in educational settings, and sex education in undergraduate populations.