January 7th — Depart from Dulles International

January 8th — Arrive in Geneve

January 8th – 12th — Wander Around Geneve

January 13th — Depart Geneve, Arrive in Riva san Vitale

Janaury 15th —  Day trip to Milano with Dr. Knox

January 16th — Day trip to Belinzona with Daniella

January 17th – 20th — Class with Dr. Knox

January 19th — Day trip to Lugano

January 23rd – 26th — Class with Dr. Carlson

January 27th – 28th — Trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum

January 30th – February 3rd — Class with Dr. Heilker

February 3rd – 5th — Rendering Riva san Vitale, Dr. Duley, Provost McNamee, Guru Ghosh Visit

February 5th — Fiato Alle Trombe (Concert)

February 6th – 8th — Class Dr. Heilker

February 10th — 3:00 am Walk to Mendrisio, Depart for Bordeaux

February 11th — Wine Tour around Medoc and Haut-Medoc

February 12th — Day Trip to Saint Emilion

February 13th — Depart Bordeaux, Arrive in Milano, Brave Italian Shuttle Service

February 14th — Depart for Athens, Acropolis Museum

February 15th — Acropolis, Parthenon, Areopagus

February 16th — Delphi, Hosios Loukas

February 17th — Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus

February 18th — National Archaeological Museum, Syntagma Square, Agora

February 19th — Return to Riva san Vitale

February 20th – 22nd — Class with Dr. Papillon

February 25th — Early Morning Hike of Monte San Giorgo to Watch Sunrise

February 27th – March 2nd — Class with Dr. Carlson

February 29th — Trip to Genova for the U.S. Italy Soccer Friendly

March 5th – 9th — Class with Dr. Bodnar

March 10th — Depart for Napoli

March 11th —  Underground Napoli, National Museum

March 12th —  Cuma, Lake Averno

March 13th —  Baia Archaeological Park, Solfatara, Seiano Tunnel, Imperial Villa of Vedius Pollio

March 14th —  Baia Archaeological Museum, Monte Nuovo, Anfiteatro Flavio, Serapis Temple

March 15th — Gran Cono (Vesuvio), Ercolano

March 16th — Pompeii, Antica Pizzeria da Michele

March 17th — Ferry to Ischia, Ring Hostel, Hot Springs under the Stars

March 18th — Island Chillin on Beach

March 19th — Depart Ischia for Assisi, Arrive at B&B The Rainbow, Walk around Bastia Umbra

March 20th —  Day Trip to Orvieto

March 21st —  Explore Assisi, Tomb of St. Francis, Tomb of St. Claire, Depart Assisi for Riva

March 26th – 30th — Class with Dr. Carlson

March 28th — La Nozze di Figaro alla Scala

April 2nd – 5th — Class with Nikki Giovanni

April 9th — Walk through Lugano with Nikki Giovanni, Picture with 2Pac

April 10th – 12th — Class with Nikki Giovanni

April 11th — Informed of J.J.’s Death

April 14th — Travel to Bern, Dinner with the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland (Chili)

April 15th — Travel to Geneve, Lunch with Jodie

April 16th — CERN visit, Travel to Basel

April 17th — Meeting of the Minds with University of Basel Faculty and Students (Theme: Global Connectivity), Return to Riva san Vitale

April 18th – 20th — Class with Dean Dr. Lay Nam Chang

April 21 — Poem Quest Assignment in Lugano

April 22 — Hike up San Giorgio for Moment of Silence in the Meadow for J.J.

April 23rd – 25th — Class with Dear Dr. Lay Nam Chang

April 27th — Swiss Sustainability Group Project Presentation

April 30th — End of Semester Cookout

May 2nd — Depart from Riva san Vitale for Geneve

May 4th —  Depart from Geneve Airport for the U.S.A.

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