This blog was created as a requirement for a Contemporary Pedagogy class at Virginia Tech for the Spring 2013 semester, and is now being used again as a requirement for the Preparing the Future Professoriate course during the Fall 2015 semester. This space will be utilized for me to reflect upon class topics and discussions, respond to specific course prompts, as well as share broader ideas related to my journey to become a PhD working in the academic setting.

It is named “Stuck in the Middle” because I often feel like I am caught between two opposite roles and identities. That of a student (I am in my final year of my PhD at Virgina tech) and that of a full PhD (I teach undergraduate courses, perform research, and am involved in professional service activities, so at times I feel I am almost at that level).

Follow along with me as I leave the “student” title behind, transition to a legit PhD, and (hopefully) develop in to a great professor, ready to take on all of the responsibilities that come with it!



Presenting work from my dissertation at the Obesity Society meeting, Fall 2014
Presenting work from my dissertation at the Obesity Society meeting, Fall 2014

My name is Tanya Halliday. I am working on my PhD in Nutrition and Exercise at Virginia Tech. I am also a Registered Dietitian, a wannabe strong lifter and fast runner, a skier, and an outdoor enthusiast. I’m passionate about sharing evidence-based nutrition and exercise research findings and learning more about effective college level teaching.

You can also find me on Twitter. My handle is @NutritionNerd as I would love to connect with you there!


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