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We have already read couple analysis essays in the class. I found it very different from the other kinds of essays, like narratives. Analysis essays can really tell you the truth or reality of one thing or culture. Narrative may tell you something by implying it with a story, but analysis is more like a report. It tells you what the thing really is.

For example, the analysis essay, “The Ritual of Fast food” by Margaret Visser. This essay focused on the culture and reality of fast food, and it told how fast food was formed under the influence of society. The main audience of this article is probably the people under influence of fast food (basically everybody). It used MacDonald’s BigMac as an example. BigMac was not naturally formed on this planet. But how can all the people know what BigMac is when someone bring it up?  Like what the author said in the article:” BigMac is a cultural construct: the careful control expended upon it is one of the things we are buying.” It’s basically saying that BigMac existed because of people’s will. After reading this article, I had some negative views about fast food industry. I decided not to eat fast food anymore. This is one of the characteristics of analysis. It will change your opinion on one object by telling its facts. The same happened on this essay we read: “Take in the State Fair” by Garrison Keillor. He was talking about state fair. I’ve never been to state fair, but I saw all kinds of fun stuffs you can do in a fair on television. I always want to go to one of those fairs. After I read about this essay about state fair, I became a little bit less wanna to go. Because Garrison was talking about the cheap fat food and all those things people actually do in the fair. Not that he told about it in a negative way, but gave me the real visuals of state fair, which is very different from the ones from television. This is another example of analysis can change one’s opinion of one object.

I think in my analysis essay, I wanna talk about difference of Chinese food from my culture and the one from American culture. Trust me, the Chinese food you are eating in some kinds of so-called Chinese restaurants is not even close to the actual one. I wanna talk about how American-Chinese food formed and how people change it from time to time. I will include some real examples in my essay like General Sou Chicken, Sweet and sour Chicken and so on to prove my point.

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