Presentation reflection

My topic of my presentation is about lowering the minimum drinking age in the United States of America. The minimum legal drinking age in US now is 21 years old. I strongly believe that the minimum legal drinking age in America should be lowered. When I was doing the position paper goes alone with the presentation, I researched all the proponents’ and opponent’s opinions about lowering the drinking age. At first, I was on the opponents’ side. Because I thought government’s policy was still doing the positive effect to the society, prevent alcohol doing harm to the young adults. My presentation also went alone it. I was going to do a presentation that if we lowered the drinking age, we would do more harm to the society. But after doing some further research and readings, I found out that I was wrong, age has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol related harms and crimes. Immaturity and irresponsibility are the real reasons. Lowering drinking age may actually lower the chance of harming young adults. So after all these, I change my stand and changed my paper and presentation.

I’ve already talked about my paper in my revision. For the presentation, I feel myself much unprepared. Right before the presentation was due, like a day before, I just realized that the presentation should not contain a lot of words like normal presentations. It should be made of all images. So I delete my presentation and started over from the beginning. This was the stupidest mistake I’ve ever made during the whole process. Within my presentation, I put a slide called “My personal experience” in there. I think this is a very nice touch. I used my own experience to prove and strength my point.

I didn’t really practice much, so I didn’t do really well when I was presenting to my audience. I forgot a lot of materials I meant to cover. Couple times, I just stood there without saying anything, because I forgot what I meant to say. The biggest issue is that I forgot to mention Virginia tech.

So I guess I didn’t do really well on my presentation.

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