Course reflection

I cannot believe it has been a half year already since I walked into this university. Time goes so fast that I didn’t notice. Among all of my courses, I really enjoy this English 1105 at nine o’clock on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I like this class because it’s a small class, around 15-20 people. This is the perfect amount, just like high school. Professor and always interact with the students. Unlike English 1105, most of my courses are huge ones, about 300-350 people listening to one people, there is no way that professor and interact with everyone in the lecture hall, and answer everyone’s question. This is the first reason I really like my English class.

When I was in high school, I didn’t really like my English class, because there were always research paper to do. We didn’t do much in my English class in high school. We just read a couple of novels, simply discuss what’s about it. Then we wrote a research paper about it. I didn’t like it, not that I had trouble doing my assignment. It’s because I did the some assignment all the time, I want to do something new. This all changed after I walked into college.

The first day of class, professor talked about the things we were about to learn for the whole semester. I thought I was going to repeat everything again just like high school. But after I heard we were going to learn how to write narrative, position papers and learn to think rhetorically, I picked up my interest again.

During the process of learning and writing these new kinds of papers, I think I learned a lot from this course. Before this English class, I didn’t know how to write. My normal technique of writing is just google resource online then began writing. Now, if I’m a paper, I would sit for a few minutes, think about the things and facts I want to include in my paper, brainstorming. Then research the resources I want to use online. After that, I will do some free writing which I never tried before. Then I will begin writing.

Another thing that I really like in the class is the peer workshop. English is my second language, so I definitely had some grammar issues and wording problems in my papers. Most of the mistakes I can correct right after I finish my paper, by going through it. But there is some problem I cannot not find. My peers in the peer workshop are able to see them, and tell me the mistakes.

This course helped me a lot, I really appreciate my professor and this course.

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