Learned from Gun Control article

Among all the topics, I decided to talk about gun control. In my china, there is no such a thing called “gun control”. Not that we can own as many firearm as we want, but we don’t have any rights to own firearms. Because of that, there won’t be gun control act. After I came to the United States and had my American History Class, I knew second amendment addresses that every citizen has the right to own firearm, to defend himself/herself, to overrun government if necessary.

There are more and more news about shooting appeared on the newspaper, like the shooting happened on Monday, September 16, 2013. Thirteen people were killed, including shooter in that morning. According to what Mayor Vincent Gray said: “It doesn’t get much more serious that this.”

Because of many incidents like this, people get scared. Some of them believe that gun control act will help prevent gun related violence like this. But many of the other say that gun control is not the solution. One of these people is LZ Granderson. In his article” Gun control is not the answer” on CNN Opinion, he addressed his point very clearly. He pointed out that many cities have banned both assault weapons and high capacity magazines. And yet each week people continue to die. This is his main point that gun control won’t help prevent shooting happens.

I can learn a lot from the article he wrote. He provide real incident and example to prove his point. And address point very clearly. He also talked about both prop and con side about the gun control. He used comparison to bring out the disadvantage and advantage of gun control, let the reader decide which is better.

I think in my essay, I’m going to do the similar organization. I’m going to talk about the history of minimum legal drinking age act. Then provide both pro and con side of lowering minimum legal drinking age to 18, 19 or 20. Then point out my own opinion, which is against lowering legal drinking age. I will include some real life examples (one outside the campus and one in Virginia Tech) to strength my point.

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  1. Sounds like you have a solid plan, but do be sure that you are taking a clear position in your piece and that you spend time developing it. LZ’s piece could be a good one for you to model. He does say gun control is not a solution, but also goes on to offer his position on how he thinks gun violence can be reduced. If you will be against lowering the drinking age, make sure you have arguments for that and offer your opinion regarding other solutions for college drinking issues

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