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Learned from Gun Control article

Among all the topics, I decided to talk about gun control. In my china, there is no such a thing called “gun control”. Not that we can own as many firearm as we want, but we don’t have any rights to own firearms. Because of that, there won’t be gun control act. After I came to the United States and had my American History Class, I knew second amendment addresses that every citizen has the right to own firearm, to defend himself/herself, to overrun government if necessary.

There are more and more news about shooting appeared on the newspaper, like the shooting happened on Monday, September 16, 2013. Thirteen people were killed, including shooter in that morning. According to what Mayor Vincent Gray said: “It doesn’t get much more serious that this.”

Because of many incidents like this, people get scared. Some of them believe that gun control act will help prevent gun related violence like this. But many of the other say that gun control is not the solution. One of these people is LZ Granderson. In his article” Gun control is not the answer” on CNN Opinion, he addressed his point very clearly. He pointed out that many cities have banned both assault weapons and high capacity magazines. And yet each week people continue to die. This is his main point that gun control won’t help prevent shooting happens.

I can learn a lot from the article he wrote. He provide real incident and example to prove his point. And address point very clearly. He also talked about both prop and con side about the gun control. He used comparison to bring out the disadvantage and advantage of gun control, let the reader decide which is better.

I think in my essay, I’m going to do the similar organization. I’m going to talk about the history of minimum legal drinking age act. Then provide both pro and con side of lowering minimum legal drinking age to 18, 19 or 20. Then point out my own opinion, which is against lowering legal drinking age. I will include some real life examples (one outside the campus and one in Virginia Tech) to strength my point.

Position essay.

Position paper is an essay that presents an opinion about an issue or a thing. Not like in the analysis and narrative essay, in position, you can pick the side upon one incident or subject, either pro or con. Position paper is usually about political policy, political party or social issues. Position paper is one of the most useful ways to help reader to realize an issue or a thing.

I think writing a position essay will be a little bit easier than analysis essay. Because I’ve done the similar work before in high school. When I was doing the precious assignment, I spent hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, thinking about what kind of topic I wanna analysis. This time, I just spent less than half an hour. Last Friday we went to the library, looking for the topics we wanna talk about. I’ve been going through some newspapers. Suddenly, I was a news writing about “whether alcohol should be legalized after 18 or 21”. I pick this topic to write about in my work without doubt. This is why position is pretty easy to write: you check some news happened in your community, you pick a side, and then you talk about it. I feel very confident doing this essay assignment, because I have a lot of things and facts to talk about. As you know, other countries’ legal drinking age is 18. But why the United States set their drinking age to 21? Is it a bad thing a good thing? (Especially in college, lot of student got in trouble because of underage drinking). I picked my side already, I basically agree with the law now, prohibit under age 21 drinking. (Although I’m from other country, I can legally drink after 18.) I still feel 18 is not a good drinking age in the United States. Because it is not like other country, kids get their first car at their age around 22 or above. In the United States, pretty much, every kid knows how to drive when he or she is 15 or 16. Pretty much, everyone gets his or her license at age of 16 or 17. Here comes the problem, kids around 18 are stilling learning how to deal with social pressure and peer pressure. They don’t really how to be responsible. If we set the drinking age at 18. I assure there will be more driving under influence and the car accident triggered by alcohol.

So this is my topic. My concern about this assignment is that I need to cover a lot of facts to prove my point. Base on the previous assignments, I need to focus a lot of more on the topic, rather than spending too much words on those things, which are not very important.