Monthly Archives: August 2013

A little bit about myself

Hey, everyone!

This is Stephen Chen. I’m originally from Shanghai, China. When I was 17, I came to U.S. I went to a Catholic high school in Fort Pierce, Florida. ( gorgeous place btw, if anyone want to go somewhere for vacation, Florida is definitely the best place to be). So,I guess you can call me a Half-American now. About my interests, let’s see. I love all kinds of video games( Battlefield, COD, World of Warcraft,etc), I also play Lacrosse, pretty competitive game, I like it. 

  When I first came to States, I was alone and didn’t know much about Americans. The first day of my sophomore year in high school, I was so nervous, I almost fainted out. But after talking with some of my classmates for a while, I realized how friendly and easy-going american people are.  Then, not for very long, we became good friends. Outside of school, I lived with my local host family, the Ageebs, which happened to be my math teacher’s family. That’s pretty good actually. You got to get free tutoring a lot. Because of that, I passed AP Calculus AB and BC easily. They have six children in their family. You will probably think that I’m crazy to live in a zoo like this. At first, I thought the same way , but after living for a while. I started to know how adorable those children are, especially that new-born little baby, Annie- Marie. This was the first time I saw a kid growing from birth to  be able to walk and talk. I’m telling you, that was amazing. During these years with them, we did loads of fun stuffs together, like movie nights every Saturday, going jet skiing, or getting on a fishing trip. I had some beautiful memories with my host family, I love them so much, they are like my second family to me.

Why would I decide to go to Virginia Tech?

When I was a junior, I took a AP class called environmental science, which related to civil engineering stuff.  In this class, I was fascinated by all kinds of cool things engineer does. Then, I decided to go to a Tech school. Then I’m here at Virginia Tech.

Ice breaker.

My 15 minutes of fame is probably the time I won 3rd place in a state level math competition. This was the first time I came up to the stage to receive reward in front of many people. That was definitely  my Glory moment. The prize was very crappy though, 15 dollars Walmart  gift card and a math tutoring book.