Teaching and Research



I am currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at Virginia Tech. During my time as a graduate student, I expect to continue my work as GTA and improve my teaching skills because after I receive my degree I plan to teach in Latin American universities and help to train the next generations of social and policy scientists.

I have collaborators in universities in Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, and Chile, and I will work to have more collaborations in other Latin American countries.


Professional Work and Research

I worked as an environmental law advisor in a private environmental consulting agency in Chile, where I contributed, along with a multidisciplinary group of professionals, in projects related to environmental conservation, mitigation, and management. I collaborated in the elaboration of environmental impact assessments and management plans, which required knowledge of the state of the art related to national and international environmental policy, environmental law, and soil, water, and waste management theory. I also was part of a team of veterinarians, ecologists, and human dimension scientists to prevent human-wildlife conflicts and promote the conservation of wildlife across Chile, that resulted in a peer review manuscript.

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