About me

I started graduate school during the fall of 2019, as a Ph.D. student at the Planning, Governance, and Globalization Program. My research interests include the environment, wildlife conservation, climate change, public policy, and minority and women’s rights. My current research includes understanding how the impacts of climate change have different effects in vulnerable communities, due to the intersection of social and power dynamics.


I am from Guatemala, where I received a Juris Doctor Degree from Universidad de San Carlos. In 2011, I moved to Chile to study a Master of Law in Environmental Law from Universidad del Desarrollo.  While in Chile I worked in an Environmental Consulting Agency, where I had the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team. I learned about teamwork and the exciting experience of working in environmental conservation, prevention, and management.


As a student, one of my current courses is Preparing for the Future Professoriate, with Dr. Karen DePauw. This course gives me the opportunity to learn from the great experience, social conscious, and wonderful person that is Dr. DePauw.


After I receive my Ph.D. I would like to work doing research and teaching in Latin America. My main goal is to contribute to the education of the next generation of professionals and researchers in Latina America, particularly in Guatemala. I believe in giving back to our countries, learning from the student’s experiences, and sharing our knowledge with them.


My favorite activities are photography, bird watching, hiking, knitting and traveling.