i-Thenticate and plagiarism at VT

Recently, Grad School started offering i-Thenticate, a new tool for graduate students at Virginia Tech. The objective of this tool is to help students to review their papers, article drafts, and dissertation documents to avoid plagiarism. Many of us are teaching assistants, so, this is an excellent tool to use while reviewing written assignments from our students.

In class, we discussed unethical behaviors among professionals and academia. We saw that the production pressure that many professionals face can lead them to commit these types of behaviors. Among our students, plagiarism is a problem because several cases of plagiarism are found annually at Virginia Tech. Procrastination can facilitate academic misconduct in students. In the Internet era, plagiarism among students has increased and is hard to detect with the naked eye. Teaching assistants play a critical role in the promotion of academic integrity and honesty among undergraduate students.

In this sense, I believe that i-Thenticate can facilitate the peer-review process and grading. Which class are you teaching? Have you used i-Thenticate? What would be your reaction if you find abundant plagiarism in one of your students’ assignments?

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