Recording devices inside VT bathrooms: a scary thing.

Today I received an email from VT Police about two recovered video recording devices found at Virginia Tech’s public bathrooms. It was scary to think that I could have used one of those bathrooms, without knowing that there was a recording device in there. This news made me wonder how often these situations happen at higher education institutions around the US. So, I did a quick search on the internet to see what I could find.

Some of my findings were that there are many cases, I choose to read only the cases that were in the first four pages of the search engine. I found 10 cases at these universities: West Chester University in Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley in California, University of Wisconsin in Waukesha Wisconsin, Wayne State University in Detroit, University of Kentucky, Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Delaware, Capital University in Ohio, and the University of North Florida.

In all these cases, the suspects arrested for allegedly putting the devices and recording were students that were registered at those universities or former students. These cases occurred in both women’s and men’s bathroom. However, most cases (8) occurred in women’s bathrooms. These unfortunate and criminal events occurred in the recent period between 2014 and 2018. I argue that these are only the cases that are covered by the news, and that we are underestimating the magnitude of the problem because many other cases never go public. In conclusion, students must be vigilant. Have you heard before of any other case of recording devices found in bathrooms at Virginia Tech?


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  1. Sarah Plummer

    I could not believe it when I got that email. I’m actually really concerned that the police or Virginia Tech have not released what bathrooms the recording devices were found in. I feel like we have a right to know. Also, they didn’t release a statement saying that no videos had been uploaded to a cloud or how long they had been installed before they were found. (They said one was a USB but didn’t say if the other device stored footage or sent it somewhere.) And what kind of motive was there? Were the recordings meant for personal use or to post online? Again, I feel like this is information they should be telling students. It’s disconcerning.

    There are longstanding issues of crime (especially rape) and what information is released to the study body. This incident, I think, also raises issues of how much information should be given students.

  2. Yikes right? I was talking to my wife about this same topic last night. News like this is a reminder that you need to always be aware of your surroundings. As you walk around a college campus assuming that the people you are surrounded by good, well-intentioned people like yourself, it may not always be the case. Sadly, Virginia Tech’s history confirms this. I have two daughters and worry now about the world that they will grow up in. I wish that things were different. The best that I can do is to guard their innocence while they are young and prepare them to protect themselves when they are older. Thanks for the post.

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