I found myself one day watching video after video on upworthy. They are heartwarming and inspirational. It made me want take a stand and express my opinions! I agreed with everything they were saying. And then… I sat back and really thought about the videos that I was watching. I realized I just fell into their trap. They presented such a well-made video that was designed to make you think a certain way. I actually didn’t agree with these things I was watching. I just was moved by the quality of their presentation. I think it’s an incredibly impressive talent to be able to speak with such certainty. Certainty in yourself that is so strong that it makes people confident in you. I watched a video about the jail system in America. A woman discussed how she prevailed in jail and didn’t let the system get her down. Yes, there are problems in our jail system, I completely agree with that. But this woman made me feel bad for her for being punished for a very serious crime she committed. How dare our country jail her breaking a serious law?! I pitied this woman for having to go there in the first place as I watch this video. And afterwards I had a “wait what!?” moment and pondered my thoughts. I am disappointed in myself for being able to be swayed so easily. I hope I will continue to bounce back from this ‘wonderland’ media can create and hold tight to my beliefs.


Buzzfeed post extremely “factual” articles that people love to share online, reblog and discuss. They are “so relatable!” What’s really sad about Buzzfeed is it has become the youths go to for all their news. What is even sadder that you don’t even have to read much of anything. The “reader” just continues to scroll and look at the captures to the pretty pictures. We have become so desensitized that the only thing that can make us pay attention is graphic images and videos. A quick fix or scan of an article is not providing accurate or factual information to anyone. We need to slow down and take the time to absorb some solid information from a more trust worthy news source that doesn’t steal things from other sites and compile it to their own site.

I think that social media has given us the opportunity to voice our opinions freely. Duh. But has given us a chance to say things without a filter, without much thought or regard as to who will read it. In 140 characters you can tweet at well, phrased joke that makes another person “ROFL and LOL and LMAO” however, this quick joke can have an immediate effect on another party who may be greatly offended by this joke. These tweets are quite often things that a person would never dare of saying aloud or to someones face but thanks to the security blanket of twitter people are able to express themselves without fear of the immediate reaction. People today feel entitled to share their thoughts on every single issue. Which is our American right and all but how about educating oneself before proclaim absurd claims. These postings are far from private and have the potential to haunt each person as they go about their lives in the future. There is a dichotomy between what we would post on twitter and what we would say to a person in real life. I wish people would pull a “what would jesus do” moment every once and a while and just shut their traps.


The word of the year is “selfie.” This really hits me hard in the gag-reflex. Are you kidding my society?! Honestly, I am fed up with the constant selfies. I do not need to see a picture of you when you’re driving home. #selfie. Or a picture of you getting ready for finals week. #selfie. Or you in the snow #selfie.  Or reunited with your puppy. #selfie. There are definite times where perhaps taking a picture of yourself is relative to some other persons life and not just a picture of you when you think look good…but for the most part it’s just a way to show off how nice you look for the day (and most people do look pretty beautiful) and get the general world’s approval.

I think it’s pathetic that such a self-centered word has become the word of year. It just shows that society is spending much more time looking at oneself than one another. Every action is done for the photo. If only we could generate more selflessness through social media rather than selfishness. I am officially concerned for our society. SOS




I have been wondering if Facebook has started to ruin our abilities to communicate. I have almost completely given up on contacting my friends from back home by any other means besides facebook. We can’t allot a time anymore to just chat on the phone because “life is too busy.” We have resorted to reconnecting through quick chats and abbreviated sentences. We just get the I miss yous, this just happen in my life, can’t wait to see yous out of the way and move on with our day. When I do call friends they always text me “I’m in class but are you alright?! I can leave if you need to chat.” Of course I am alright! I just wanted to say hi to my friend but that is now abnormal. It is a rarity where I can devote fifteen minutes to a phone call with my best friend. Our lives have become this endless state of busyness. I really believe it’s a position that to some extent we put ourselves in. It seems like America is a constant GO, GO, GO. I only hope for myself to be able to one day live like a European does and value work, family, friends and food on equal or proportionally correct scales. Here we have it set up that we need to work our asses off so we can add value to our family life. Parents commute long distances to make enough to give their children what is required to “survive” in today’s society. Students are encouraged to go to college, sometimes far from home just so they can land a job in four years– well the jobs are limited. These paths aren’t for everyone. We are in continuous path of distancing ourselves from one another only to enhance our lives.
Perhaps if we stopped traveling so far, or busying ourselves so much we could use other means to communicate with our loved ones. Perhaps we could reconnect and bond and foster friendships that go beyond what their facebook page tells us. I miss my youth, I miss talking to my friends and family on a regular basis and having their guidance on the forefront of my life.

I hate iPhones.

And yet. I want one so badly.

I just get so frustrated with the iphone lifestyle. Every Christmas when I sit down at the family table there seems to be an extra hand in front of each person’s plate. And it’s not a hand, it’s their brain, I mean their iphone. The device is forever looming over every aspect of our lives. It’s being used to take pictures of the meal, look up answers to the “who sings this song game,” and find articles to back up political points etc. It’s rather annoying. But maybe I am just jealous.

I want one because I am sick of professors sneaking in important emails at obscure parts of the day where I don’t have immediate access to my email. I had an internship this semester that required me to have a collection of apps to “organize” our work. Thank god that this class provided me with an ipad for the semester otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get things done in the same manner my boss advised.

I just really don’t like the idea that one day I will have to have a smart phone. I can only avoid it for so long. But as technology “advances” I will have to advance too. I can’t sit and wait around. Things will continue to adapt for the people who need bigger and better things and because of that I will have to adapt to accommodate them. At some point I will have to cave. Sad.

So it seems I have completely disregarded the fact that I should be blogging about things relevant to this class rather than just random thoughts I have about life and such.

That being said. I think this class overall was pretty enjoyable. I think it was a good opportunity to get myself to write a little bit more. I haven’t had a class that required any significant amount of writing in quite some time and I have really noticed a decline in my grammar skills and in the ability to express myself in a coherent written manner. This class has definitely helped with that but I need more improvement. I keep saying that I should start studying for the SATs again to get the knowledge back. I am slightly embarrassed at myself for letting the rules of the english language sway to the way-side so significantly. I wish I could blame it on something but it really comes down to being out of practice. This semester provided me with resources to many new interfaces. In this class I relearned imovie and garageband and explored the new interfaces of tapestry, easel.ly, tumblr, and wordpress. In my other classes I learned how to code and just finished coding a full website. I also learned the basics of motion graphics through the use of Adobe After effects.

This semester was really a turning point for me as a designer. I think that after being abroad in Europe this past summer and being exposed to so many new things I really had a transformation with my general design aesthetic. I have become much more skilled and technical about many aspects of my design and also looser and more carefree about other aspects of my design.

This class really helped me take what I know from my graphic design classes and relate it to the written world. I am hoping that I can take what I learned in this class, and translate it back to my graphic design classes.

Overall I have been taught so many different means of expression. And I am so thankful for all my professors this semester for that. It’s been a semester of new things which has been very exciting!

– Visit the planetarium- I’ve been trying to go for YEARS and finally I plan to take the plunge and spend the $7 to go! I haven’t been since the fourth grade. It’s going to be life changing!

– Make Pom-Poms- After finally learning that 1 “Pom Pom” is a Pom Pom and not a “Pom” I think I can move on with my life and start crafting with them. My mom is probably going to want to send me packing back to Blacksburg after I redecorate her house with big fluffy balls of yarn. I just really want to play with some pom pom pom poms.

-Visit my Grandparents-  I have two best friends. Grandma and Mor Mor. I am sorry if you think this is ridiculous but really they are the two people I can forever and always count on. They always answer my calls and talk to me for as long as I need and love me as much as I love them. I am excited to cook, bake and reorganize their lives with them. I have this idea that I can sell all of Mor Mor’s hummels so we can buy tickets to Norway for the family. After I sell the hummels, I will begin selling the lladros. The crap must go!

-Bake Cookies- Gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, peanut butter (with hershey kisses of course), thumbprint, and snowballs.

-Update my portfolio- I met with my advisor and he gave me a sense of direction for where to begin and what I need to tweek. I am definitely going to be busy trying to finesse everything before I…

-Apply for internships- the students I talked to who are a year above me said they applied to around 30 places each and they all only got into one or two! Time is fleeting and I need to have an internship locked in by the spring for this upcoming summer. HELP life is moving too fast.

-Visit NYC- I am the absolute worst New Yorker. I really need to take advantage of the art and museums and culture just two hours west of me.

-Reconnect- I really lost touch with a lot of people from high school. I would really like to catch up with a few of them.

-Change- I am going for something drastic. I plan to cut my hair pretty short…well short for me. I need a fresh look. I am mentally stuck in a rut and I think that maybe changing something outwardly will help with what needs readjusting inwardly.

-Relax- I have busted my ass with work this semester. And this break will be cut because I have to return to school a week early for training for work. I need to take the time to mentally take it easy and just enjoy the day. Live carefree!


I have a professor who straight up told a classmate that she grades us based on how well the other students do on a project. So if Suzy Q does above and beyond on a project and I do just what was asked of me my grade will suffer because of it. It’s seems like she works in a system which ranks us from best to worst, best getting a 95 (because no one would ever receive a perfect score) and the worst getting somewhere between a 65-75. We are all reliant on enough people to do much worse than us to get a reasonable grade. I have begun to disregard my design aesthetic to start designing for what would please and impress my professor the most. Forget clean, simple functional design. I need to impress! I have devoted extra time and effort to this class just because everything is so unpredictable. And this is extremely against my nature. I generally trust my professors judgement and want to fix things based on their suggestions because I know they know more about the subject than me. But for this class. I am just trying to get by and do as well as I can. Once I asked about the grading process and for a rubric. I made my professor stutter in shock! “Never has a student ever asked me about this! You should just work hard and do as much as you can!” Well excuse me miss professor. Most professors will grade on at least some  small sort of parameters. And I think you’re a big fat liar to pretend no one has ever asked you what your grading basis is.

Boo. You stink.


During the holidays it’s so easy to get caught up on what NEEDS to get done. We need to decorate the house, bake the cookies, mail the letters and of course by the gifts. We push and shove our way through each and every day as we try to cross the next thing off our list. Of course our intentions are never wrong. Having a decorated home, fresh home-made cookies and letters and gifts sent to each and every loved one are things that we all appreciate and they are what makes the holidays something special but the actions it takes to get these things accomplished really does take a toll on oneself.

Just keep in mind that Christmas is so wonderful that not making that last batch of snickerdoodles will not ruin it and you really don’t need to find the perfect gift for your assistants assistant. Take the time to sit with your family under a blanket and watch a movie rather than running to the store to catch the end of tonights sale. Relax. The holidays are awesome. Enjoy them!