Final Post

And now, this will be my 10th and final post. For someone who has never wrote a blog or even a journals, writing this was very interesting.

So, I have finished looking at some of the project. The one I have decided to try was the The Walk Dead Text Based Game. I tried to do some of the other ones such as HighLow and Galaga but for some reason, the makefile did not work for me. The game I did try however, was very interesting. It did not have any GUI to it, so there was a lot of reading if you wanted to play the game. When I have more time, I will try some of the other projects as well. I was a little disappointed that the other two that I tried did not work, but I’m hoping that the other projects will work with no problem.

Almost at the end

So, we are finally done with the final project. I am very glad that I am almost done with the semester. The project, surprisingly, did not take as long as I thought it would. Everyone did part of it and with little bit of QT, it looks really nice. I hope everyone thinks it is useful and maybe some will actually use it. I would love to say that I am completely finished, but I still have the peer review and reviewing other project. I am very excited to see what others have done and try them out. This has been a very interesting semester, and I learn a lot. I just hope keep on practicing using python and get better at it.

Final Project

So the due date for the final project is coming soon. I have worked on it for some time, and  I am excited about finishing this project. Although I had a very hard time coding my part because I did not remember python as much as I would’ve liked to, but it was nice refreshing my memory about it. Also, having teammates telling me what I’m doing wrong helped a whole bunch. Although we are not yet finished, I am very excited about this project being done not only because this means I have finished ALMOST all the assignments because I still have to comment on the other project, but because I think the project will be pretty cool and useful.

Final Week

So it is the final week of classes and everything is starting to end. Many classes are giving out last assignments, projects, and tests which results in a really busy week. I will be meeting up with my UNIX group to try to finish up the project.  We haven’t been meeting too regularly to get much done, but I’m hoping that we have a productive meeting time and be finally done with the project. For me, it has been a while since i wrote anything in python, and I have not been too proficient in python either. But hopefully I will be able to learn more python and gain more experience.


Last Week

So this is the last full week of fall 2012. Time went so fast and I feel like there are still so many homework assignments to do. I have been able to go to all 10 LUUG meetings either. Instead, I was able to go to 8 of them, and I will go to one next week to make it 9. This will be my 8th blog post so I will need two more blogs as well. In addition, there is a homework assignment up for us that is due on wednesday as well as the final project. I feel a really busy week coming up…

Everyone’s Poet


Complicated Eh?

Here is the prime rule stupid

Keep it simple duh



Linux would be useful he thought

He knew this class would be a great shot

But he struggled through each assignment

Because he had hard time with his time management

So his chance for an A could be shot

Thanksgiving Break

I really thought I would be able to relax over the Thanksgiving break. However, by the Friday before the break started, I was too overwhelmed by all the work that needed get done as well as tests to even attempt the Unix homework. Even over the break, I did not have too much time to do the homework. I had a project in a difference class that is due the day we come back from the break. Now, a week later, I have not finished it, but maybe I have until the Friday of 30th because this week was not exactly a school week. I surely hope so because I want to attempt it and get it done.

Now that I am almost done with this project, I have to move on to writing the paper for this class. I have not read over exactly what I have to do, but I plan on writing the paper before I head home on Sunday. I just hope I can finish by then.

I’m sad to say that I’m not getting as much out of this class as I wanted to just because I am so busy this semester and do not have too much time for anything. Hopefully I will be able to go back and review some materials over winter break because this is a class that does not count for anything for me. I took this class purely to learn, so I really want to review everything we learned in class over the break.


For our last homework, we had a create a makefile. I never knew or even hear about a makefile, so I was not sure exactly where to start. After looking at the lecture slides, I quickly found out how to make a makefile, and was able to finish the homework in a decent time. For most of the homework, they all took me very long time to do it, but this one was different. I was pretty satisfied that I was able to do it pretty quickly. I also came to find out the usefulness of makefile. Having a makefile allows the user to run the source files very easily especially when there are a lot of files to link and run.

Only thing i was not too sure was what clean does or how to implement it, but once I found out the command to run clean, I understood what it does and the usefulness of it as well.

Homework 4.. Delayed response..

It has been a while since I last put up a blog so I think it is about time I write another one.


There hasn’t been too much going on for this class so I will write about our last homework (homework 4). Our professor did mention that this will be pretty difficult homework compared to the last couple of the homeworks. This homework again was writing a code in python and reading in a file of a datasheet. Since the first python homework assignment, I have been struggling to get the homework done, so I knew I had to start early. It took me a fair amount of time just reading the homework specification to understand exactly what the professor wanted us to do. When I finally understood the assignment and attempted to get started, I ran into a problem. When I read in the example file provided by the professor, parts of the files were not parsing right, and I was not sure exactly what to do. All the parts with spaces were reading as a separate column, but I was not sure how to differentiate between an actual column space and a space in the description. So, my approach was to rewrite the example file into lines so that reading in is a lot easier so that way, I can at least get started. Once I changed the example file, I was able to really start on the homework.


First command I wanted to implement was add. There was no reason behind starting with add besides the fact that add was the first one on the list in the homework assignment. I quickly realized that add command was not as easy as I thought it would’ve been. Once I realized that I was not able to implement add very quickly, I moved on to listing all. Listing all was very easy because I was able to simply just print everything in the file back to stdout.


After that things got a little bit tougher. By the end, I have implemented 3 functions, listall, set, and remove. I ran out of time to implement the rest after working on it for the rest of the night. Although I did not get to figure out how to do the other two, I was rather proud that I was able to at least figure out 3 of them. Given more time, I am confident that I can figure out the other two as well as reading the data in the same way it was given to us rather than changing the format.

Progress in Python

Programming has always been a weak spot for me. Things that are seemingly obvious for others have not always been for me. Yet, I always do try my best to get my work done.

This class not an exception. For each homework assignment, I have a difficulty 1. understanding where to starts and 2. how to go about implementing parts of the project/homework. And now, after finished homework 2 and 3 with fair amount of difficulty, I am faced with homework 4, and I feel like I have hit a wall.

One thing I do have to say though is that I think python is very useful if I can really get around to learning it. It is very different from C/C++. Also, it does give me a chance to really learn about another language and hopefully be more proficient in programming, not just in python, but in other languages as well. But for now, I have to go back to learning and working on homework 4…