Project 5: Prototype


The Community Jukebox prototype was built by Siroberto at

This prototype is the front end and user interface of how we envision Community Jukebox will look like when it is implemented. For now this prototype pulls sample data from JSON files and displays them as content “cards” on the front end.

Features that are implemented include logging in as a member of the Jukebox, view posted content, being able to vote on any posted content, comment on posted content, post content (images) and add tags to it and filtering by type of content.

Pilot Testing:

We approached a member of CHCI to perform a pilot test of the prototype. She was asked to fill out a pre-study questionnaire for demographic data collection purposes which is the kind we plan to use at the actual system evaluation and reporting study.

Pre-study Questionnaire

Pre-study Questionnaire

We then read out to her the system concept of Community Jukebox and the purpose of the pilot testing study being conducted and provided 15 minutes for completion of the following the tasks:

Task 1) Log in to the CJ website using Username: pilot Password: 1234

Task 2) Add a post of an image to the website

Task 3) Vote on a video by Craig

Task 4) Comment the paper by Steve

Here is the screen capture of pilot test in progress while the tasks were being completed.

Usability Pilot Screen Capture

After the tasks were completed, a questionnaire regarding the experience was provided by us which was filled by the CHCI member as follows:

Survey Questionnaire

Survey Questionnaire

We also requested the filling of a pilot test questionnaire to be able to judge the nature of the testing process we conducted.

Pilot Test Questionnaire

Pilot Test Questionnaire

Based on the filled questionnaires we had the following insights which we plan to incorporate into the prototype and testing environment before we perform the evaluation and reporting.

1) Add more tasks to allow test subjects to have to interface more with the community jukebox. To be most specific, add tasks that require user to use all components of the webpage, including filter menu, search bar, etc.

2) The tasks should also be more specific in terms of what feature the user is testing

3)Add “Staff” option to question 2 in pre-study questionnaire

4) Make the concept statement for the study a readable document for the user. Or at least put the system concept statement on the pre-study questionnaire, so they know what the study is all about

5) On the prototype, make entire card clickable (instead of just the “Read More”) and make voting icon seem more intuitive

6) Allow users time to acclimate to the site before asking them to perform tasks and also do an interview after survey


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