As a teacher-scholar, feminist rhetorical research methods infuse both my teaching and my own scholarship.

In the classroom, feminist methodologies inspire me to help my students interrogate systems of power, oppression, and subjugation through the use of language. Conversely, feminist methodologies also inspire me to help my students seek to recover, (re)read, and reinvigorate interest in marginalized groups, writers, and speakers. These topical interests, I hope, can help my students understand the value and importance of all writing, including their own work.

Feminist methodologies inform not only what I teach, but also how I hope to facilitate learning in the classroom. I am a strong proponent of the value of collaboration and group work in the writing classroom. This act of de-centering not only helps students learn about each other, but also to learn from each other. Rather than performing the role as the sole knowledge-bearer in my classroom, I strive to use participation and collaboration to help students understand the complexities and varieties within each writing situation.

Courses Taught:

ENGL 3774 – Business Writing (Wintermester 2019)

ENGL 1106 – First-Year Writing (Spring 2019)