Leaving on a Jet Plane

As I write this post, I am enroute to Zürich, Switzerland to participate in the 2019 Global Persectives Program via the VT Graduate School! I am so excited for this trip and have so enjoyed participating in this program so far!

The past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind—from finishing my last semester of course work (!!!) to seeing my little sister graduate from college—it has not really set in that I’m about to go on this trip, until well, now!

While I have traveled abroad some — mostly to the UK — I have never been to Switzerland. I am so looking forward to meeting our hosts at various universities across he region and to learn more about higher education. In addition to the professional development associated with this trip, I am so looking forward to seeing the landscape in this portion of Europe. As a lover of mountains, I have always wanted to see the Swiss Alps, and soon it will happen! I am also very much looking forward to trying new foods while abroad. Last summer in Belgium, I fell in love with one of the most popular dishes, vol au vant, a delicious take on chicken and dumplings that involves a creamy, buttery dressing, and filo pastry rather than a biscuit. I am looking forward to finding new dishes while abroad!

TTFN — that’s all for now! For the next iteration of this blog, I’ll be writing from Switzerland!



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