Open Access in Rhetoric & Composition

One of my favorite journals within my own field, Peithois open access and is linked herePeitho, which is the “Journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric & Composition,” is not housed at any single university but instead supported by the editorial staff and the editorial board, which has changed leadership over time. Overall, the mission of Peitho is to: “encourage, advance, and publish research in the history of rhetoric and composition; and to support students and scholars within our profession.” Because Peitho is closely related to the Coalition of feminist scholars which created it, it works to further the coalition’s mission as a “learned society composed of women scholars who are committed to research in the history of rhetoric and composition” and more specifically, the journal seeks to “promote and foster collaboration and communication” among scholars in the field of rhetoric and composition. One way that Peitho ensures that scholarship will be promoted, is that the journal is open access, meaning it does not exist behind a paywall and individuals do not need a subscription, or library access to read the powerful research published in the journal. Althoug Peitho is open access, there is no text on the site explicitly claiming this term or connecting itself within the broader open access movement. This omission could be based on assumptions about open access within my own field, perhaps stemming from biases that scholarship that is open to the “public” is less valuable — which I think is of course, incorrect. Regardless of the journal’s explicit connection to the open access movement, the accessibility and high-quality scholarship in this journal, make it one of my absolute favorites.

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