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The Afghani Government plays Russian Roulette

The beginning of the Soviet Russian occupation of Afghanistan took place when Russian paratroopers were deployed in the capital of Afghanistan. The date was December 27, 1979 and the beginning of a very long and costly occupation, that would be described in the future as the Russian Vietnam. There were a few specific events which […]

The Soviet Vietnam

In 1973, King Mohammed Zahir Shah of Afghanistan was deposed, ending nearly three hundred years of monarchical rule in the country. A republican government followed which lasted until the April 1978 Saur Revolution, when Soviet-backed Afghan communists assassinated the president … Continue reading

We’re Here to Help: The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

The Cold War heated up many times for both the West and the Eastern Bloc. Sporadic proxy wars and expansive conflicts led to many casualties for the USSR and the United States, but there never was a great war between the two. Instead, lives were expended and blood was shed to protect the values both […]

The Soviet Vietnam

During the mid 70′s when the United States was still licking its wounds from the Vietnam War, the Soviet Union was still fat and happy about their success. Still trying to increase their hold on the modern world, the Soviets, under Brezhnev turned their eyes to Central Asia. In 1973, the Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Mohammad […]

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires

On Christmas Eve 1979, four Soviet motor rifle divisions entered Afghanistan via two routes across the northern border, while another airborne division airlifted directly to Bagram airfield, near Kabul. Within a few days there were over 50,000 Soviet soldiers rampaging through Afghanistan. The objective: eliminate and replace the Amin government with one that was more loyal and […]